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Kingston 10, St. Andrew, Jamaica
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The Jamaica Information Services’ (JIS) Public Relations and Marketing Department is one of the most dynamic PR & Marketing facilities within the Public Sector. The Department conceptualizes and executes public education campaigns and advertising programmes aimed at promoting a better understanding of the Government’s policies and programmes. The Department also provides services to non-governmental organizations including corporate entities and international agencies.

The department is referred to as the “engine” of the JIS, because it is uniquely positioned to drive output across all the production departments, including Radio, TV, Photo, Publications and Computer Services.


IRIE FM began test transmissions in July 1990 with a heavy bass line and rocking Reggae rhythms.

The station officially went on air on August 1, 1990. Reggae in the morning, Reggae in the evening, Reggae in the night was the cry. Critics said it was impossible to sustain a 24-hour Reggae music station.

In fact, so strong was the impact, it proved that this format was something the Jamaican public yearned for.

The little station that could got all media houses in Jamaica to stand up and take note. The nay-sayers did not count on the strength of 40 years worth of rich, pulsating Jamaican music.

Kingston, , Jamaica
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Power 106 Jamaica is one of the most famous online radio station in Jamaica.

Power 106 Jamaica broadcasts news, talk, indie. Power 106 Jamaica is live broadcasting from Jamaica. Official website of Power 106 Jamaica is

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Kingston 5, Saint Andrew, Jamaica
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60 years of broadcasting not only shows prestige but points to consistency, commitment and excellence. RJR 94 FM has had far more than a half century of being in the home, hearts and minds of listeners ... the family station and social conscience of Jamaicans at home and abroad... will continue its mandate of being most trusted, credible, and consistent.

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Kingston 5, , Jamaica
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Montego Bay, SSaint James, Jamaica
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MELLO FM is the only radio station transmitting from the city of Montego Bay, St. James.  The ‘station that plays strong songs’ began test transmission on December 1, 2003 and on November 1, 2004, it began broadcasting to Western Jamaica (St. James, Westmoreland, Trelawny, Hanover  sections of St. Ann and St. Elizabeth).

2010 saw a new revolution in radio as MELLO FM began broadcasting islandwide. It transmits on 88.1Megahertz (MHz) from Catherine’s Peak covering the eastern region of Jamaica; on 88.3 MHz from Huntley Manchester covering the Central region and on 88.5 MHz covering the West  MELLO FM is now very competitive in the market providing entertainment for all with its mellow sound, giving a new and better feel to radio.

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Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica
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Linkz 96 FM began broadcasting on February 1, 2004 from the premises of Hotel Commingle, Savanna-La-Mar on the 105 frequency, broadcasting to Savanna- La-Mar and its environs.

Within a few years, we moved to Great George Street in the same town, expanded our staff complement and our broadcast reach to all of western Jamaica in response to the overwhelming support and feedback from our listeners and the business community.

We also moved to 96 on the FM band and became known as "The Entertainment Central".


Our covenant is with the people of Jamaica – NNN’s viewers and listeners.

NNN must at all times be truthful, thorough, fair and balanced in its reporting, comment and analysis. NNN is sharp and incisive in its reporting but will be guided by the canons of its profession.

That is, NNN will be decent, honest and shall say sorry whenever it gets it wrong. NNN will hold itself to the highest standards of internal and external accountability through its watchdog Editorial Board comprising internal and external professionals who will constantly review the quality of the work.

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