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The JBDC initiative is a cooperative arrangement among Government Agencies and the private sector, associations, academic and research communities. Over 2000 Businesses have benefited from JBDCs Services over the years and many have returned to profit from JBDCs expertise.

The JBDC team and board are comprised of experienced business people, an administrative team second-to-none, 30+ knowledgeable advisers and consultants and operating from a modern office/ training suite in 14 Camp Road, Kingston, Jamaica, JBDC is the place which will deliver the help you require to make your business flourish and prosper.

Kingston 10, St. Andrew, Jamaica
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The Jamaica Information Services’ (JIS) Public Relations and Marketing Department is one of the most dynamic PR & Marketing facilities within the Public Sector. The Department conceptualizes and executes public education campaigns and advertising programmes aimed at promoting a better understanding of the Government’s policies and programmes. The Department also provides services to non-governmental organizations including corporate entities and international agencies.

The department is referred to as the “engine” of the JIS, because it is uniquely positioned to drive output across all the production departments, including Radio, TV, Photo, Publications and Computer Services.

Kingston 10, St. Andrew, Jamaica
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The Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) was established in January 2001. JIPO acquired its status as a statutory body on February 1, 2002 (JIPO ACT) and is an agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

Kingston 5, Saint Andrew, Jamaica
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Jamaica Observer Limited is a daily newspaper published in Kingston, Jamaica.

The paper is owned by Butch Stewart, who chartered the paper in January 1993 as a competitor to Jamaica's oldest daily paper,

The Gleaner. Its founding editor is Desmond Allen who is its executive editor – operations. At the time, it became Jamaica's fourth national newspaper. 

It began as a weekly newspaper in March 1993, and in December 1994 it began daily publication. The paper moved to larger facilities as part of its tenth anniversary celebrations in 2004.

Kingston 5, St. Andrew, Jamaica
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Over the years JSIF has been creating and developing partnerships with other organizations. The establishment of partnerships is a crucial factor for fulfilling JSIF's mandate of poverty alleviation.

By joining forces strategically with key partners, the Fund ensures that there is a reduction in the duplication of efforts and allows for a more streamlined utilization of scarce resources.

Kingston, St Andrew, Jamaica
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Overview of the Jamaica Stock Exchange

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (“JSE”) is an august institution which was incorporated in 1968 and started operation in 1969. The JSE started its operation at the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) building and moved to its present building situated at 40 Harbour Street in 1998. The JSE’s principal mandate is the mobilization of capital to facilitate the growth and development of companies and by extension the economy.

The JSE Group has evolved over time into a strong and reputable business.
There were four founding members:

  • Mr. Willard Samms – Annett & Company Limited
  • Mr. Raglan I. Golding – Capital Market Services (Ja) Ltd.
  • Mr. Edward E. Gayle – Edward Gayle & Company Ltd.
  • Mr. Anthony Lloyd – Pitfield Mckay Ross & Co Ltd.



Trade & Invest

Kingston 10, St Andrew, Jamaica
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JAMPRO is an Agency of the Government of Jamaica’s Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation that promotes business opportunities in export and investment to the local and international private sector. 

In facilitating the implementation of investment and export projects, the organization is a key policy advocate and advisor to the Government in matters pertaining to the improvement of Jamaica’s business environment and the development of new industries.



JamVision TV

Kingston, St. Andrew, Jamaica
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Our new cable station, JamVision presents the stories & experiences of the Jamaican people, our struggles, achievements, history and culture.

Our passion is to nurture Jamaicans’ pride and self-confidence, our vision is a united people.

JamVision celebrates who we are, and encourages and promotes our collective commitment to building a great nation!

JamVision airs on both FLOW and DigicelPlay, as well as online via the CPTC Website.




Kingston 5, St. Andrew, Jamaica
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Kingston, St Andrew, Jamaica
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The JNBS Foundation was established in 1990 as the charitable arm of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS). Our mandate is to manage and execute the philanthropic efforts of the Society, and contribute to the developmental needs of Jamaica.

Built on the concept of mutuality, JNBS gives back to the Jamaican people and communities across the island, by providing financial and technical support to projects and programmes both at the community and at the national level.


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